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The Journey to Racial Change Begins with Personal Change.
                                      Educate. Engage. Empower!

Welcome to Momentum Consulting Firm (MCF), where positive personal change meets racism awareness development to create a better world! 

  At MCF we understand that success is not just about reaching goals; it's about navigating the journey to change with resilience, confidence and a positive mindset. Our coaching, education and leadership services are designed to empower individuals and teams, propelling you toward your full potential.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Programs?

Our Focus on Positive Intelligence  and

Moving Beyond Empathy.


At the heart of our coaching approach is Positive Intelligence (PQ), a transformative concept that goes beyond conventional coaching methods for personal and professional growth. To facilitate your racism awareness journey, our Green Book Journey™ Modules We believe in meeting you where you are, and understand your unique challenges, facilitating your journey towards unlocking your inner strength.

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Our Coaching Services

At the core of our coaching methodology is a speculative approach that combines some of today's leading research and practice. Positive Intelligence (PQ) isn't just a tool that we utilize, it's a philosophy that fosters a positive, growth-oriented mindset. We combine the power of PQ with our signature program, which applies our FACE-IT (TM) theoretical framework, creating a one-of-a-kind experience of The Green Book Journey to Racism Awareness and Change, to facilitate a path to growth that is uniquely your own. We don't stop at helping you experience empathy; we help you turn your effort into actionable work that leads to greater social change.

"Dr. Trudi is a gifted facilitator of adult learners and an expert in speculative methods and emergent strategies. Her creativity energy is infectious and engaging. Dr. Trudi's commitment to supporting adult learners in racism awareness and equity consulting is needed now more than ever. I highly recommend her support of leaders and teams via process consulting, project management, teacher-educator support, and leadership development and support. Dr. Trudi's wisdom and truth-telling are what every leader and team needs to take it to the next level of transformation."

Deanna Rolffs 
Senior Design Partner, Design Groups International


Let's Work Together

400 Corporate Pointe,

Ste. 300 - PMB 161

Culver City, CA  90230

(866) 238-2094 / (213) 608 - 0997

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